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What the heck is the Port of Seattle?

Common answer: The Port runs the airport and is that property by the water with all the cranes and containers. Over the years, The Port Commission has been under heat for shady side deals & corruption. -- and this is one of the reasons why I'm running against the guy who has been on the Commission the longest. 

Not so obvious answer: Three words- economic development agency. The Port Commission is responsible for investing in projects that will secure quality jobs and business opportunity for the public. The Port is one of the largest King County property owners: ~4,000 acres! 

Port in Pictures

(Source: Port of Seattle, Photographer: Don Wilson)

"If the Port of Seattle did not already exist, it is hard to imagine that a government agency could be created today to own and manage the region's major airport, a leading maritime port, Fishermen's Terminal, Shilshole Bay Marina, and the many other facilities that collectively create thousands of jobs and pump billions f dollars into the regional economy" 

- The Story of the Port of Seattle by Kit Oldham , Peter Blecha & The HistoryLink Staff l 2011


Operated by the Port of Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport generates a regional economic impact of over $16.3 billion and more than 171,796 jobs

22 scheduled passenger airlines serve 77 non-stop domestic destinations and 22 international cities

45.7 million Passengers in 2016 were served by Seattle-Tacoma International Airport



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