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July 13, 2017

Seattle — Port of Seattle Candidate, Bea Querido-Rico, announced her strong support for the SODO (South of the Dome) Arena.

As a MIT educated engineer and the only candidate in her race that worked inside the Port of Seattle as a staffer, Querido-Rico states, “It's disappointing that the current Commission is using public funds to steer the public to think that vacating one strip of land (Occidental Ave) will impact Port operations- if that is the case then this is a red flag that magnifies a bigger problem. Is the street vacation the single point of failure for Port operations? No. The Port operations resiliency should be stronger.”

Querido-Rico added, “The community has been asking for a basketball team. Public officials should listen and focus on the fastest option that will bring a NBA, and possibly NHL, team back to Seattle. SODO is shovel ready, has three times the economic impact in terms of tax revenue compared to Key Arena, and has the infrastructure to link with many more communities around King County.”

A SODO Arena Rally is scheduled for Thursday, July20th at 7:30pm. The event is open to the public in support of Bea Querido-Rico’s campaign for Port Commissioner and will be held at the Belltown Pub (2322 1st Ave).


Port Staffer Bea Querido-Rico Enters Race for Port Commissioner

June 19, 2017

Seattle —Bea Querido-Rico left her position as a staffer for the Port of Seattle to run for Port Commissioner, Position 1.

Querido-Rico is an engineer and business professional with over 12 years of industry experience. She finished her education in business and engineering at George Washington University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Transportation and Logistics, MIT- Zaragoza International Logistics Program (ZLOG). Bea's family immigrated to the United States from the Philippines to find quality jobs, live safely, and to be free. Querido-Rico is the first Filipino to run for a King County seat in the last 10 years.

Tony Ogilvie, president of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest and one of Querido-Rico’s early supporters, states “Bea managed to collect over 600 physical signatures of King County voters in less than a week, and is the only candidate in her race that did not pay to get on the ballot. I am proud to personally endorse a real grassroots candidate that will bring true change to the Port.”

If elected, she will be the champion in the Commission advocating for (1) social equity and inclusion, (2) innovation and technology, and (3) government accountability and transparency. “I’m stepping up to repeal I-200 and that means more than a vote on Commission. I’d like to see a reduction to the tax levy. I believe we need to be more proactive in the future of transportation, specifically in space transportation development and address which supply chain of the NewSpace market we should pursue,” said by Querido-Rico.

"I value Bea's engineering and Port expertise. Her focus on the future of transportation, especially in space commercialization, is what our local government needs. More people should engage in space because that's where economic development is needed - and that's why I will vote for her." - Jeremy Wainscott NewSpace Activist and Master of Public Administration, Science and Technology Policy from the University of Washington.

Querido-Rico volunteers and lectures at St. James Cathedral in Seattle. She’s served on multiple nonprofit boards for the Asian Pacific Islander community as well as for aerospace and transportation organizations. Querido-Rico shares, “I look forward to being an independent voice on the Commission, and will represent our entire county - including our youth, our seniors, our diverse ethnic communities, and our neighborhoods around King County.”

“As past president of FYLPRO, Bea's leadership was instrumental to our nonprofit's programs nationwide and across countries. Her passion to serve and her tenacity to uphold strong values of efficiency, fairness, and innovation are qualities the King County will benefit from,” explained Kit Zulueta, President of the Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO).

For a list of endorsements and to learn more about her campaign, visit:

A campaign launch party for Querido-Rico is scheduled for Thursday, July 6th at 6 PM. The event will be held at the Viktoria Rooftop (1915 2nd Ave) and is sponsored by Capitol Call, a civic-tech startup that provides technology solutions for political activism.