DIGITAL KIT - the help you can give Bea in seconds:

Help spread the word about her campaign via text/email to friends & family, social media: linkedin, twitter, Facebook, instagram, snapchat. How can you help right now? Ask 10 more people to vote by sharing Bea's videos, press articles, and/or images.

Below are links of videos and press, and images that you can share to your network.

When sharing Bea's campaign on social media, please (1) state why you are supporting Bea and (2) include any of the hashtags: #BEAtheChange #rockitBea #Bea4basketball #tell10morefriendstoVote 



Help us #breaktheglass and volunteer on Bea's campaign

We are looking for fun, resourceful, energetic, optimistic friends to support Bea's race for Port of Seattle Commissioner. If you have skills and time you can spare, call / text us: 562-388-2490. We will go door-to-door knocking the week of July 24th, join us! 


Your support in her race will represent the people who struggle to be heard, the out of the box thinkers + doers, the people who aren't able to follow the straight line, the champions of inclusivity, and the risk takers who take that first step into the unknown...